Monday, 20 September 2010

Happy Day

Well, the little lovebird has finally been rehomed. His owners, 2 little boys about 7 and 10 turned up and told me all about how they had raised him from a fledgling by feeding him pap through a syringe. There´s dedication for you! So I was very glad that we were able to reunite them. Although I had got rather fond of him, he was demanding.
And today I received an email from Kiva to tell me that my micro loan had been repaid and that I could now relend it. Last time it went to Gloria Elegado's Group in Philippines (Activity: Food Stall), but this time it´s going to help a young man through his schooling. I love doing this. It makes no finantial difference to me ($25) but makes a huge difference to these people, and makes me feel good :-)

Also I have finished example 1 & 2 of module 2. Cross stitch and Assisi work. I´m quite pleased with them.

Now I´m puzzling about my blackwork piece. I had a plan but feel that it´s not really me, and so I´m having a radical rethink. Meanwhile I´m working on the canvas work sample. Stayed up late last night watching/listening to Victoria Wood and stitching at the same time. This morning I´m amazed at how much I´ve done. Painless!!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Worthing Museum

Mum and I had a great day today ... shopping!!! Then we popped into the museum to have a quick look at their costume exhibits in preparation for module 3. I was very intersted in the shepherds smocks on display as a lot of my family were ag labs in days gone by and probably wore them. (This is a milkman's smock by the way, but you get the idea)
 They are very utilitarian, and all of a colour i.e. grubby!! but what do you expect? I might be able to take this further, but am unsure whether to leave it until the smocking unit.
Hmmm Any suggestions?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Itchy Fingers

This week I am away from home, mother sitting. Whilst we have lots of fun together I do miss my free mornings, when I can work on whatever project I'm concentrating on at the time. This week however I'm much more organised than usual. We are going to visit Worthing Museum to have a look at their costume and textile exhibits. I am hoping to find something suitable to use as a basis for module 3 of the C & G course. They apparently have wheelchair access to these areas so we will see. I haven't been there since I was a girl ***** years ago, and I guess that things will be very different this time. Hope to be able to get some photos to upload so that you guys can see what I saw!

Monday, 6 September 2010


Hi everyone, sorry I haven't done here recently but thought I would tell you about something that happened to me last week. We were in the swimming pool when my hubby said "look, there's a bird" I thought he was being a little silly as it was an outdoor pool, but I had a look anyway. At first all I could see was a leaf that had turned autumny early. The I looked again and saw a little green bird with an orange chest.
 He fluttered down to the shower unit and when a lady came to shower before entering the pool he didn't fly away. I thought "he's tame... he's mine" So I got out of the pool and walked up to him. He didn't fly away when I reached for him and so I just picked him up!! The people at the pool found a box for him so that I could take him home and he's really sweet. He likes to sit on my head when I'm working and oversees all that I do when I'm working on my computer. He is a Fischers lovebird. I am trying to find his owners because he must have been a well loved pet and be sorely missed, but to no avail so far. Isn't he pretty.