Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Call to Adventure

Today I wanted to explain about the yarn I hope to produce. First of all I found this fibre in my stash. It came from The Painted Tiger. The colours are quite somber and call to me. Dark earthy reds and browns from my before life and ending with a beautiful turquoise that represents my new-found confidence and communication skills.

There were quite a lot of repeats of the colour sequence. Before, when faced with this I had just split the top into two or three equal lengths and barber-poled it. I had even done a fractal spin which was interesting, but each time I had left the colour sequence as it was originally intended . This time I wanted to do something different, So, with heart in mouth I split the top into the three dominant colours as well as I was able and then split each pile into three equal piles by weight.

(Sorry about the fuzzy photo) I split it into three piles as my goto yarn is a 3-ply worsted about sock weight. This would give me three singles of approximately the same colour striping and with only one colour repeat. For me this is already a great adventure!!
However to be even more adventurous I am spinning the singles much tighter than I usually do to represent the uptightness of my life before I found out about friendship!!

To take this even further out of my comfort zone I plan to add little keys on silk thread and little stones too! As the orifice of my wheel is quite small I will add these as I do the final plying, probably to the red and brown bits, leaving the turquoise unadulterated.


  1. You are much further on in your journey than I am. Are you making this a single, or plying it? I also am. retired SEN teacher and have also done my C & G 1& 2. Coincidence?

  2. Hi tich wow that is a co-incidence!! I think I will ply this as it's what I usually do, and will add the little trinkets as I ply. Can't wait to do more fluffy stuff! I am thinking about asking for an Ashford jumbo bobbin etc for my birthday as that's the cheapest option, rather than buy an expensive but lovely Majavraft wheel.